Promotional Partnerships

What is a PrimeMeTee?

In psychology, a "prime" is anything that triggers a thought in your mind, and I designed these shirts to remind you exactly who you are at just the right moment... when you see your own reflection. The designs are mirror images of the prime, so some look more abstract while others are obviously coded messages. In the mirror, they are uplifting and empowering messages.


The Business Model

The price that a customer pays for apparel covers the cost of on-demand printing, shipping, and Shopify processing fees. The profit remaining from any orders that use your unique discount code will be shared 50/50 with you as commission. Profit varies by products and quantities ordered, but we expect earned commission to start at $5 per order. There is no guaranteed commission, but there's also no limit to how much you can earn from sales with your code.



Email me and I can send you a sample agreement to review. 

~ Scott

Scott Roberts, PhD
Founder & CEO